About Us

ProximityID digitally links our users to the physical world, liberating them from ever having to present any external form of identification. Our users are positively transformed from ‘just another person’ into an identified valued individual.

We combine the respective details, loyalty cards, access cards and parking tickets and consolidate them into our users smartphone. ProximityID then instantaneously relays the necessary information back to the respective client. There is no need to produce any loyalty card, swipe an access card or even take out a mobile phone.

The ProximityID solution brings a digital intelligence experience to real world surroundings, allowing our users to connect with the locations and brands they love to visit and experience. By placing Proximity beacons throughout any physical location, ProximityID finally allows people and places to engage appropriately while providing our clients with unparalleled insights.

How it


  • Cardless Access

  • Relevant Advertisement

  • Foot Count

  • Instant Identification

  • Workforce attandance

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